Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my floor last?
A: A hardwood floor will last forever if it is properly maintained. A solid hardwood floor needs maintenance coats to keep it looking new.

Q:How often do I need maintenance coat my floors?
A: On average a wood floor will need maintenance coats every 3-5 years.

Q: What do I use to clean my floor?
A: Classic wood flooring sells products specifically designed to clean your hardwood floor. We only sell detergents that are safe and compliant with your floors finish. There are many floor cleaners on the market but few are acceptable as per industry standards.

Q: Are wood floors stable in our Idaho climate?
A: Wood floors are great in Idaho’s climate. Poor installation and insufficient acclimation are usually to blame for poor flooring stability.

Q: Are wood flooring prices comparable to other flooring options?
A: At classic flooring we have many options that can fit into anyone’s budget. Wood flooring, as well as sanding and re-finishing, and maintenance coats are comparable price wise and can even be more cost effective than other options. We are available for bids and consult to maximize your satisfaction.